Southern Comfort Announces #SOCO2GO Drone Delivery Service

Could this be real, or just a clever April Fools day prank? Southern Comfort is yet another company trying to get their products in the hands of their loyal customers via drone delivery, beginning with the all-new Caramel Comfort. The initiative is titled #SOCO2GO. Starting March 31st, customers have the opportunity to lobby for their city to be added to the list of test markets through an online voting system.

Through four years of proprietary research and development, the Southern Comfort team behind the drone delivery have achieved an amazing 96 percent success rate during their trial testing. Unlike their competitors who have struggled to perfect drone delivery, SoCo has been able to move past common issues like battery life, storage capacity and weight.

SoCo 2 GO: Drone Delivery is now available to 21+ in select markets before its official launch in 2015 nationwide. To help lobby your city for #SOCO2GO drone delivery, visit the official landing page here.

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