STUDEBAKER Old Fashioned and STUDEBAKER Manhattan Cocktails

STUDEBAKER has released two premium bottled whisky cocktails including STUDEBAKER Manhattan and STUDEBAKER Old Fashioned. Crafted to taste like the cocktails they were named after, without the need of any added ingredients besides garnish.

The two new premium spirits were inspired by the Prohibition era when Canadian Whisky reigned supreme. STUDEBAKER uses the finest Canadian Whisky, blended together with select premium ingredients needed to make the Prohibition cocktail classics.

The STUDEBAKER Manhattan was made with just the right amount of sweet vermouth and a touch of bitters. Garnish with a maraschino cherry and now you’re in business. The STUDEBAKER Old Fashioned is blended with cherry, orange, and a touch of bitters. Finish it off with an orange peel.

Visit STUDEBAKER online to learn more about their two new premium bottled cocktails.

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