This post is sponsored by Nestlé, which compensated me to partner with DiGiorno® Pizza and share news about the launch of new DiGiorno® DESIGN A PIZZA™ kits this summer.

Pizza has always been in my mind a food that goes perfectly in any scenario. Whether it be with friends watching sports or game night with the family — I’ve always tried making food a social occasion. The problem that continues to plague these gatherings is the lack of chef skills my party possesses. Thankfully this is where pizza comes into play — DiGiorno to be specific.

I was asked by the folks at DiGiorno to try one of their three pizza kits from their new DiGiorno DESIGN A PIZZA product line. If you have never tasted one of their pizzas before, this would be a good time to do so. I’ve been a huge fan of their products for quite some time, so naturally this was a no brainer.

You have three kits to choose from:

  • Pepperoni and Sausage with Peppers & Onions
  • Chicken, Green Peppers & Red Onions with Pepperoni
  • Spinach, Tomato & Red Onion with Pepperoni

I went with the latter. The reason I chose the one with spinach was so I could really dive deep into making a two-faced pizza, rather than something that was just meat all over. But because this is my choice, and I personally don’t like having too much meat on my pizza, this is where the DESIGN A PIZZA kit shines. Having the option to create your own half of the pie, while your friend(s) get to do what they want on the other half, well that’s just genius! A good example of this is the second pizza I made in support of the U.S. Soccer team in the World Cup. GO USA!

DiGiorno Team USA Pizza - DESIGN A PIZZA

From start to finish, the kit makes the experience both tasty and fun. Each of the DESIGN A PIZZA varieties comes with a full-size DiGiorno cheese pizza ready to be designed. I had my little cousin help me make it, and seeing him open the ingredients and choosing what he wanted on his side of the pizza was really neat. After crafting our beautiful masterpiece, we sprinkled the seasoning packet that came included all over the top to give it a bit more flavoring.

All-in-all I have to give the DiGiorno DESIGN A PIZZA two thumbs up. The simple, yet awesome innovation of bringing custom pizzas to our frozen food aisle is a huge plus. These days we all want ways to customize our life, so why not our pizza with friends and family at home? Tweet at @DiGiornoPizza and tell them what you think!