I customized my coffee using Folgers Flavors, as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #remixyourcoffee

Coffee is what makes a morning for me, a good one. And there is nothing worse than your day starting off wrong because of a bad cup. I was recently asked by Folgers if I would give their new Folgers Flavors a try and remix my typical cup of Joe. No pun intended.

Folgers Flavors Coffee

These 1.62 fl oz squirt bottles come in four different flavors to help customize your coffee: hazelnut (my favorite), mocha, vanilla, and caramel. They’re even small enough to take with you when you leave the house. I threw mine in my pocket before heading out, but you could even opt for your backpack or purse:

Folgers Flavors on the go

Their portability is what makes Folgers Flavors so great. Let’s take my college experience for example. The coffee we were offered in the student center was not good. It was just too bland. But, if I had something as accessible as these are, my mornings in class would have been a lot more productive. Because a morning without coffee means for a very unproductive day.. for me at least.

I put the Folgers Flavors to the test and squirted one shot of the hazelnut flavor into my standard cup of coffee. Normally I just add a little bit of vanilla flavored almond milk to a small cup, but not today. Adding a little, adds a lot!

Folgers Flavors Squirting in Cup

Give your next cup of coffee a little squirt with one of the four flavors Folgers Flavors has to offer and #RemixYourCoffee.