Imagine walking into your favorite local eatery, where the aroma of roast beef fills the air, and discovering that your go-to sandwich has been transformed into something new, something exciting. That’s precisely the experience awaiting customers at Lion’s Choice, a name synonymous with mouth-watering roast beef sandwiches in the Midwest, especially around St. Louis. The brand, a staple since 1967, is stirring the culinary pot with the launch of “The Remix” – a bold take on the legendary Original Roast Beef Sandwich. Priced at $6.49 for the sandwich alone and $11.59 for a meal, this innovation marks a significant milestone in the brand’s journey.

Lion's choice new 'Remix Sandwich'

What Makes “The Remix” Special?

“The Remix” isn’t just another sandwich; it’s a statement. It preserves the essence of what made Lion’s Choice a beloved brand for over half a century – the premium, 100% lean top-round roast beef. But here’s the twist: the beef is now served between slices of buttered Texas Toast, a departure from the signature sesame seed bun, and topped with two slices of Swiss cheese and a specially crafted garlic aioli sauce. It’s the first time a Lion’s Choice sandwich has cheese as a standard ingredient and the first for such an innovative sauce to join the ranks of their sauce station offerings.

From Concept to Culinary Delight: The Journey of “The Remix”

The story behind “The Remix” is as interesting as the sandwich itself. Fred Burmer, CEO of Lion’s Choice with four decades of experience in the quick-service industry, shared how an employee hack inspired this culinary innovation. Employees have long personalized their sandwiches by experimenting with different cheeses, sauces, and bread. One such creation, using Texas Toast, caught Burmer’s attention and eventually won over Marv Gibbs, one of Lion’s Choice’s founders. This sandwich, born out of creativity and a deep understanding of what makes a great roast beef sandwich, is now poised to become a new favorite.

Looking Ahead

“The Remix” is the first step towards exploring new horizons while staying true to the brand’s core values: high-quality roast beef, award-winning fries, and extra creamy frozen custard. It’s a nod to the past and a bold step into the future, promising to reinvigorate the brand and delight both loyal customers and newcomers. Starting Tuesday, April 9, “The Remix” will be available at all Lion’s Choice locations, marking the beginning of what promises to be an exciting year for the brand.