One of the things I look forward to most when traveling is trying the food from the destination I’m in. Rarely will you see me reach for a product I can easily get in the US because where is the fun in that? Enter TokyoTreat, a subscription box featuring a wide range of Japanese snacks and drinks delivered to your door every month.

TokyoTreat reviews
TokyoTreat upcoming October 2021 box

TokyoTreat has been a company I’ve wanted to review for quite a while and happy to report I can now check it off my bucket list. Their mission is to spread love and awareness about Japanese candy and Japanese soda all over the world. They’ve been successful in doing this by crafting and curating special subscription boxes for their members.

The uniquely curated boxes by TokyoTreat are, wait for it.. a real treat! They make for a great gift, especially for the little ones. I plan on ordering a subscription box for my nieces for two reasons: the snacks are fun and delicious, and because it’s educational. The latter reason is important to me because I want them to learn about other cultures. Snacks we find to be normal and “American” aren’t exactly normal in other countries. Likewise, what the Japanese find normal for a snack or flavor may seem odd or even revolutionary for our tastebuds. I think discovering new flavors and how other cultures snack is interesting and fun!

TokyoTreat Review and Unboxing

I took to my YouTube channel to review and unbox TokyoTreat’s September 2021 box, dubbed ‘Okinawa Snack-Out!’. 

I’ve been dreaming about traveling to Japan for as long as I can remember and as soon as it’s safe again you better believe I’ll be on the first flight to Tokyo. For now, I am more than happy to try out new snacks and flavors from Japan in the comfort of my home thanks to TokyoTreat. Head over to TokyoTreat online and order your first box from them. You won’t regret it!