Did you gasp at that headline? I know I did, and so did my wife. We are obsessed with TRUFF products in our house. Perhaps you have already seen me gush over them on my YouTube channel.

From truffle-infused hot sauce and pasta sauces to truffle-infused mayo and spicy mayo. TRUFF is simply crushing the condiments game and I am here for it.

Their latest, TRUFF Black Truffle Oil, is going to be a pantry staple for any household with good taste. Sorry to sound a bit snobbish, but it’s true. 

“No matter where our obsession with flavor has taken us, we’ve always counted on truffle to guide us. Black Truffle is our foundational ingredient; it puts the truff in TRUFF. Its unique shape inspired our iconic lids and its delicate flavor inspired our unique creations. After years of exploring the experience of truffle in condiments, we’re excited to let them shine on their own.”

– Nick Ajluni, Co-Founder and Co-CEO at TRUFF

TRUFF Black Truffle Oil is a delicate blend of olive oil and real black winter truffle. The recipe includes a carefully selected neutral-flavored olive oil as a base to let the pure truffle goodness shine through. With just a couple of drops, the oil adds instant depth and dimension to any dish.

Truffle Oil by TRUFF

“Go-to ingredients shouldn’t be boring. That’s why we’ve been committed to adding exciting and luxurious products to our customers’ kitchen arsenals from the start. We think truffle embodies luxury, and it’s what our audience deserves when they cook.”

– Nick Guillen, Co-Founder and Co-CEO at TRUFF

TRUFF launched in 2017 with their hot sauce and has quickly become one of the most popular condiment brands in the industry. You can find them in more than 8,000 stores around the world, as well as online on Amazon and at your local Whole Foods Market.

TRUFF Truffle Oil will be available nationally at TRUFF.com and will be distributed on Amazon, Whole Foods Market, Shaw’s, Giant, Sprouts, and World Market throughout the next coming months. Make sure you’re following TRUFF on Instagram (@Sauce) for recipe inspiration and to know of new drops.