Twisted Tea Tailgate RV Tour

I love tailgating at a sporting event almost as much as I love the event itself. There are so many things to look forward to, from hanging with my best buds to eating ALL of the food to sipping a refreshing Twisted Tea. It’s a trifecta of fun!

Inspired by Twisted Tea’s ‘Twisted Tailgate RV Tour‘, which you can read more about below, I wanted to share with you a few tailgating tips that I’m certain will bump your tailgating status from amateur to pro. Take a look:

7 Tailgating Pro Tips

1. Invite the Right Crew

There are many things that are involved for a tailgate to be the best it can be, but nothing is as important as having the right people there. Make sure you pick your crew wisely. I personally think I have a well-rounded group of friends, each with their own special toolset. The “Game Pusher” is the friend who is always up for a game of corn hole. The “BBQ Master” keeps the grub hot and ready. And “The Bartender” is the one who makes sure the Twisted Tea is flowing.

2. Fire Up the Grill

Keep the food simple or go crazy. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you are grilling, dudes!

At the Twisted Tea RV tour event I was at in Fontana, they had a BBQ chef cooking up some amazing hot dogs wrapped in bacon with a Twisted Tea glaze. It was AWESOME!

Bacon wrapped hot dogs

3. Let the Games Begin

A staple for any good tailgate is corn hole. I recommend bringing two if you can swing it so you can have multiple games going. Of course, you all have smartphones, so download a group game and start playing. There’s nothing better than eating, drinking, and gaming at your tailgate.

4. Keep the Twisted Tea Cold

Twisted Tea at the Auto Club Speedway

Outside of a few cold sporting events, most tailgating happens under the hot sun. Make sure you bring a good cooler and a few extra bags of ice to keep the Twisted Tea ice cold. Your tailgating crew will thank you.

5. Make the Music Flow

Bring a wireless speaker or two and get the party started. Have a few playlists ready to go on your favorite streaming app and click play.

6. Unwind with a Twist

Hey, relax, nothing is perfect. Chances are you will run out of food or something else at your tailgate. Sit back, listen to the music, and crack open a refreshing Twisted Tea and enjoy your company. Besides, before you know it you’ll be in to watch the race anyways.

7. Get Everybody Home Safe

It’s always a good idea to plan ahead and setup who will be your designated driver. Either that or make sure all your (21+) Twisted Tea drinking guests are using a car service to get to and from the event. Safety first, friends!

Twisted Tailgate RV Tour

Sharing in my love of tailgating, the folks at Twisted Tea are hitting the road in their Twisted Tea RV with the mission to inspire (21+) drinkers around the country to not only tailgate, but to tailgate like a pro. How you might ask? Let me fill you in.

At NASCAR races around the country, the Twisted Tea RV will be there in full effect serving up some of their delicious Twisted Tea, BBQ, tailgating games, celebrity appearances, and more!

Speaking of celebrity appearances, here is Casey Webb (Man vs. Food) having a good ol’ time with the corn hole game. You might just see him in person yourself at the next race.

On March 17, I had a firsthand experience with the RV at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA. There, the Twisted Tailgate RV was parked in the fan area, just outside the entrance to the race. There was delicious mini corn dogs and bacon wrapped hot dogs with a Twisted Tea glaze, and of course, Twisted Tea.

Twisted Tailgate Pro Tips Tour Photo Booth
I’m certified now, bros!

Win Your Own Twisted Tailgate

For a chance to have your own Twisted Tailgate with the actual Twisted Tea RV, submit an entry on It’s as simple as sharing a photo on your social channels and tagging #TwistedTailgate. You got this!

Make sure you’re following @TwistedTea on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to know where the Twisted Tea RV is going next. And if you happen to have a tailgate of your own with some Twisted Tea, tag #TwistedTailgate so we can see your pro tailgating form.

This post was sponsored by Twisted Tea. All opinions are my own.