Welcome to a delightful fusion where local brewing meets iconic baking! Victory Brewing Company, a name synonymous with Pennsylvania’s craft beer scene, is joining forces with the beloved bakery brand Tastykake. This collaboration is more than just a partnership; it’s a celebration of Pennsylvania heritage, combining the best of both worlds to create a unique offering for their fans.

Brewing Meets Baking: The Koffee Kake Ale

A Taste of Home

Get ready for a treat that’s as comforting as it is innovative. The Koffee Kake Ale, inspired by Tastykake’s famous Koffee Kake Cupkake, is a sweet ale that encapsulates the essence of pound cake and cinnamon in every sip. This seasonal release is set to make its grand entrance in December 2023 and will be available until early March 2024. It’s a limited-time offer, so make sure to mark your calendars!

Launch Event: Celebrating with the Community

On December 22, Victory Brewing Co. invites you to join the celebration at their taprooms across Pennsylvania. Attendees will get the first taste of Koffee Kake Ale, enjoy giveaways, and experience delightful pairings of Victory’s brews and Tastykake treats. Be among the first 10 consumers at each location to grab exclusive co-branded prize packs!

Behind the Collaboration: A Shared Vision

Tastykake x Victory Brewing Company collaboration

Kelly Irvine, Victory Brewing’s brand manager, emphasizes the importance of this collaboration. It’s about connecting with the fanbase through a shared identity, values, and flavor profiles. Ashley Hornsby of Tastykake echoes this sentiment, expressing excitement for bringing together two iconic brands in a deliciously unique way.

Finding Koffee Kake Ale: Savor the Flavor

Can’t make it to the launch? No problem! Post-launch, Koffee Kake Ale will be available at retailers. To find a store near you, visit VictoryBeer.com/BeerFinder.