Vodka Expert Blind Taste Tests Bottom-Shelf Vodka

You know that one friend who always shows up to the party with the cheapest vodka he could find, and then goes on to drink everyone else’s booze contribution? Yeah, screw that guy. Not just because he’s cheap, but because he may actually be the smartest person in the room. Here’s why:

Indulgence, Playboy’s YouTube channel for nightlife coverage, had their spirits columnist and vodka expert, Jason Horn blind taste test bottom-shelf vodka. It turns out that us vodka drinkers reaching for the top-shelf vodka might actually be wasting our money. Horn sampled a handful of cheap vodkas to find out which ones actually give you more bang for your buck.

Editor’s Note: I met Jason Horn while on a whiskey press trip in Ireland. The man knows his stuff. It’s worth taking his word on vodka, and any other spirits he cares to write about. Follow him on Twitter @messyepicure.

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