Want to learn how to make gourmet Sour Patch Kids from scratch? Here’s how!

Homemade gourmet Sour Patch Kids

Growing up, my brother’s favorite candy was Sour Patch Kids. I never understood his fascination with them because I could only handle a few at a time before feeling as though my tongue was going to fall out. That being said, if you were to tell me a chef was going to make a gourmet version, I would be intrigued.

Bon Appétit‘s ‘Gourmet Makes’ chef Claire Saffitz is known for creating gourmet versions of our favorite candies. After numerous weeks of trials and errors, chef Claire successfully reproduced her own version of Sour Patch Kids and they look sweet, sour and delicious. Her efforts really make you appreciate how the candy industry is able to mass-produce all the candies we know and love.

Watch the latest episode from Gourmet Makes below to see how you too can make gourmet Sour Patch Kids at home. Note: if you don’t care to watch the entire episode–because it is quite long–jump to the 41-minute mark to see how they’re made.

How to make homemade gourmet Sour Patch Kids from scratch