I know what you’re thinking. Why isn’t there a bag to carry around my $1 Million dollars in? First world problems, am I right?

The 1M Hauly from SDR Traveller is a bag just for that. It’s advertised as a bag you can discreetly carry up to $1 Million in used US bank notes, but also works well as a second bag for trips.

1M Hauly Bag with a million dollars of bank notes

1M Hauly Background

Joking aside, there is more to the 1M Hauly story than its novelty purpose. Many countries still pay for projects in cash, so project managers are left with carrying cash on them to pay their workers. This particular bag was developed to address six main issues with carrying a mass volume of banknotes in the field: risk of damage (weather, etc), carry-ability, risk of discovery, in-field accounting, bag robustness, and glide.

The 1M Hauly will comfortably fit US$1 Million (20.4lb), assuming you’re using US $100 banknotes and not a whole bunch of 20s. A robust haul loop at each end is sized to fit a large gloved hand and can accommodate carabiners and other attachments if hands-free movement is required. It should be mentioned that the strap is not included.

If a million is a bit too steep, perhaps their 10k, 100k and 400k sized money pouches will do the trick.