A Day with Railcar Fine Goods

After what felt like a never ending Uber ride, I finally made it to Rail Car Fine Goods in Monrovia, CA. I was there to see first-hand just how their workshop works. Here’s why:

Earlier this year, I was invited to be a part of Basil Hayden’s “Sipping Companions” campaign as their local influencer for Los Angeles. Basil Hayden’s partnered with artisans in six cities across the United States to create each Sipping Companion item, which included:

Railcar Fine Goods (Los Angeles, CA) – The Sidekick Blanket & Holster: $250, 25 available

Greta de Parry (Chicago, IL) – The After Five Bar Cart: $400, 10 available

Slow North (Austin, TX) – The Barman’s Candle Set: $75, 100 available

Stanley & Sons Apron & Bag Supply Co. (New York, NY) – The Generous Traveler: $349, 50 available

Paper Plates Press (Denver, CO) – The Warm Reception Coaster Set: $40, 100 available

Reclamation Etchworks (San Francisco, CA.) – The Whiskey Wheel: $469, 15 available

As previously mentioned, I was part of the LA activation with Railcar Fine Goods, who came up with The Sidekick Blanket & Holster. Their product was made with the intention of sharing special moments with friends and family. It packs two essentials you would need for an afternoon or evening outdoors: a blanket and a holster for your Basil Hayden’s Bourbon (duh). The blanket is made using hand-chosen fabrics and a century-old stitch style, and stores neatly rolled up by a set of leather carrying straps.

A few days prior to visiting Railcar Fine Goods’ shop, I had the pleasure of meeting the founder, Steven Dang at the first “Sipping Companions” event. Each event taking place in their respective cities will feature the product made specially with the local artisan.

Walking away that night I remember feeling inspired by Steven’s story and how he built Railcar out of his apartment. He was kind enough to invite me to his workshop to see first-hand how they create their products.

Railcar Fine Goods Sidekick Blanket

Railcar Fine Goods Sidekick Blanket and Basil Hayden's Bourbon

Railcar Fine Goods Team with the Sidekick Blanket

Steven Dang of Railcar Fine Goods working on the Sidekick Blanket

Leather work at Railcar Fine Goods

Railcar Fine Goods Sidekick Blanket and Basil Hayden's Bourbon

I want to thank Basil Hayden’s Bourbon for being such a wonderful partner throughout the Sipping Companions campaign. And a special thank you to Railcar Fine Goods for showing me what handcrafted is all about. 

Each piece made by the local artisan shops is now on sale over on huckberry.com. You can visit Basil Hayden’s Bourbon Holiday shop now and pick up a gift for the bourbon lover in your life, or perhaps just spoil yourself!

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