A Smart Jacket Featuring an Airbag Vest for Motorcycle Riders

The Dainese Group has a one-of-a-kind airbag vest featuring D-air® technology.

Motorcyclists are at risk every time they get on their bike, but you would never know it if you talk to a rider. My best friend has been riding for years and even got into a really bad accident that almost took his life, yet he still gets on his bike joyfully every single day. Their passion for motorcycles heavily outweighs any risk involved, so don’t even bother trying to convince them otherwise. If you saw Keanu Reaves motorcycle collection and how involved he is in the motorcycle culture then you already know this.

Thankfully, for any motorist on a two-wheel ride, theirs Dainese Group and their innovative technologies. Their latest is the Smart Jacket, the first airbag vest to feature D-air® technology that can be worn either over or under any jacket or outfit, without requiring any connection to the bike. The D-air® protector is worn separately from clothing and is available for both men and women. The Smart Jacket is also foldable for easy storage in a backpack or top box.

“Smart Jacket is the result of more than twenty-five years of research on the D-air® system, and combines in a single, intelligent, versatile, now available-for-everyone garment the ultimate in airbag technology for motorbikes, the same used by MotoGP professional riders.”

– Cristiano Silei, CEO of Dainese Group

How the Airbag Vest Protects Motorcyclists

The core of the Smart Jacket protection comes from The Shield, an airbag featuring Dainese’s patented technology that integrates proprietary internal microfilaments that guarantee inflation is even and controlled throughout the entire surface. When The Shield gets activated it surrounds the body and protects the rider. It covers the chest and back, delivering the same protection as seven Level 1 back protectors.

The Smart Jacket is Well Ventilated

Dainese designed the Smart Jacket to not only be surprisingly light, but also well ventilated, too. The most innovative ventilation is found inside, as the Shield folds over on itself. In normal riding conditions, this enables air to flow through the front. In case of activation, the Shield expands and covers the entire chest area, providing maximum protection. The Smart Jacket also features water-repellent fabric and the integrated D-air® technology is waterproof to protect riders regardless of weather conditions.

Dainese Smart Jacket

The Dainese Smart Jacket is available in six sizes and will hit stores on August 2019 for $699.

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