Attractive Ceramic Flasks from Misc. Goods Co.

When it comes to these ceramic flasks from Misc. Goods, it doesn’t matter if your priorities fall more toward utility or aesthetics, it’s probably for you. Available in both ivory and black, the flasks feature intriguing raised designs and a cork stopper held in place by a gorgeous leather strap with brass stud and button detailing. While you probably don’t want to get caught sitting directly onto The Ceramic Flask, at 4.5” by 6.5” it’s still the perfect size for stashing away in most pockets.

At $92 each, The Ceramic Flask might be a little more expensive than the others you’re used to. However, the fact that you can absolutely use it as a decorative bar display AND you’re going to feel super classy when you whip it out at your next picnic (do people still go on picnics?) definitely makes up for the price difference.

The Ceramic Flask Ivory Opening

Available for purchase here.

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