It’s refreshing to see how brands are utilizing their resources and factories during this dire time. Tito’s Vodka is making 24 tons of hand sanitizer, and now Avocado Mattress is developing face masks and offering other crisis capabilities to help during the Coronavirus outbreak.

The pandemic has caused many to overbuy products they really don’t need, leaving those who do without the necessities. Face masks are one of those needs that are hard to come by. Because of this, Avocado Mattress has begun utilizing its factory in Los Angeles to develop organic cotton face masks.

Avocado Mattress Face Masks

One family pack costs $30 USD and consists of eight masks, limited to 3 family packs per household. That’s a steal when you look at how much drop shippers are price gouging their supply. They’re machine washable and it’s recommended to wash on the warmest setting available. The CDC recommends adding Clorox® Disinfecting Bleach to the wash, which is expected to be effective against Covid-19 based on data for harder-to-kill viruses.

Other ways Avocado Mattress is Helping During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Extending their help even further, Avocado Mattress is offering even more crisis capabilities to their portfolio for hospitals, quarantine centers, and more. They are equipped to help make the following products:

  • Temporary/disposable mattresses (for shelters, temporary housing, etc.)
  • Reusable/washable sheeting
  • Waterproof wedge pillows, toppers, and disposable/inexpensive pillows
  • Disposable protective garb (booties, smocks, etc.)
  • Contact [email protected] for requests