Let’s face it, if you’re human, then at some point in your life there has been a situation where there was just no way you were going to get a hot meal. Thanks to BAROCOOK ($19+), a Korean-based company, this particular problem can now be a thing of the past. Using nothing more than a heating pouch and water, these lightweight containers cook your food safely and perfectly.

Heats the water up to 208°F (98°C)



There are just a ridiculous amount of circumstances where these contraptions would come in handy, but just to name a few:

  • While doing literally anything outdoors
  • In the event of an emergency or power outage
  • You want to stink up a whole plane but don’t want to pay the airport food prices
  • College dorm rooms (no microwave radiation necessary)
  • Maybe you’re just dangerous when around a stove

BAROCOOK products come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all of which are reasonably priced. That being said, purchasing one of these would definitely be on the list of prudent things you did this month.

Sarah Militello-Wilson is a Los Angeles-based lifestyle blogger. Originally from the outskirts of the outskirts of a small town in Illinois, her love and endless curiosity for all things science, nature, and wayfaring have been with her throughout her life. She takes her coffee with milk and flowers :)

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