Regardless of how you feel about them, phone cases are a necessary part of owning an iPhone 6. Without them, it can be extremely difficult to properly protect our phones against human clumsiness, as well as easily identify exactly which is our own. Though there are an almost outrageous number of different kinds out there, most that we see on a day-to-day basis are as ugly as they are flimsy. With the Grovemade Walnut Collection iPhone Cases, you can now have the protection and individuality that comes with having a case, while actually adding to the sleek design of your phone.

Handmade iPhone 6 Cases

These cases are made entirely of Oregon Claro Walnut — with the exception of the walnut & leather option, which features premium, vegetable-tanned leather — right down to the laser-cut power and volume buttons. It took 5 years of ongoing enhancements and innovations to finally perfect its gorgeous design. The unique precision joints enable this phone case to be the thinnest wooden case possible by adding increased frame strength and durability. Each of these timber creations is hand sanded and stained, and a breeze to both put on, and remove from your phone.

Grovemade Workshop

The collection features three different options: the Walnut and Leather Case ($129, iPhone 6 & 6 Plus only) that offers the highest level of protection for the phone, as well as doubling as a stand; the Walnut Case ($89+) to preserve the body of the phone while providing immediate access to the screen; or a simple and elegant Bumper ($49+) for those who are looking to simply compliment the style of their phone while safeguarding it. And, as if these cases needed to have anything else going for them, all three designs should take care of the pesky protruding cameras on the new iPhones.

These Grovemade cases available for iPhone 6, 6 plus, and 5s also come in an Eastern Hardrock Maple option you should check out.