CasusGrill In Use

My honest opinion: camping is pretty awesome. You get to drop everything, get reacquainted with nature, and bond with your closest friends (or yourself, I don’t know your life) without the distraction of being constantly connected. Thinking about it now, I believe my only beef with the whole situation is the amount of equipment it can require. I definitely wouldn’t say I’m high-maintenance, but I’m also no Ron Swanson. So, when I am going to spend time out in the woods, I will be bringing the basics. If you happen to live in an apartment or condo like I do, you know that storage space can be incredibly limited. Sure, tents and sleeping accoutrements break down and store nicely in just about any kind of space. However, when it comes to cooking, things aren’t necessarily so easy. Even a small, portable grill can take up precious room and rarely fits into a standard closet without some skilled maneuvering. And then there’s the cleanup… Anyway, I just discovered this awesome, portable, biodegradable CasusGrill and it looks like it’s going to solve all of my problems. (Speaking to camping cookouts, anyway. It’s not going to pay off my student loans.)


The CasusGrill is a single-use, 100% natural grill that can be ready for 60 minutes of cooking time in just 5 minutes. And when you’re finished using it, you simply toss it in the fire where it will completely reduce to ash. The grill is comprised of a cardboard body, bamboo grill rack, Oxyilte™ bamboo charcoal briquets, and lava stone insulation to keep that cardboard body nice and cool. That’s right, you won’t be required to cook your food over hot aluminum. It even comes in cardboard packaging, so you can walk away with literally 0 waste.

So, whether you’re planning a short trip to the beach or a weekend camping excursion, just grab a CasusGrill or two and you’ll be all set!

The CasusGrill is available from Huckberry* for about $13 +$5 shipping and free returns.

Check out their official video below: