Catalyst Wants To Waterproof Your Apple Watch

Soon you will be able to go in the water with your Apple Watch. Catalyst, known for their premium iPhone cases and waterproof accessories, is launching a new collection of products for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. The newest edition to the Catalyst family, and one I’m sure they are very excited to have the title for, is the first ever waterproof case for the Apple Watch.

“We are incredibly excited to bring the very first waterproof Apple Watch case to the market,” says June Lai, co-founder of Catalyst, “As a brand, we are committed to constantly inventing and launching new and innovative products. We are also thrilled to expand into making accessories for iPad with our first waterproof iPad Air case,” continues Catalyst co-founder Josh Wright.

The Apple Watch case was designed to meet the IP68 standards for waterproof protection and MIL SPEC standards for drop protection. So even if you don’t plan on using it for underwater use, you still have the added protection from the occasional drops and wall hits it might endure. Along with its industry-leading protection, Catalyst made the case with a screen-less housing so there is easy access to the touchscreen, while maintaining the slim profile the Apple Watch is known for. Each case comes with a 42mm quick-release NATO nylon wrist straps.

Catalyst Waterproof Apple Watch

Catalyst Waterproof Apple Watch

Catalyst Waterproof Apple Watch case ships in November and is available for Pre-order on Catalyst.

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