It’s no secret by now that traveling takes up a lot of my time. In fact, sometimes I’m even gone for more than half of the month. This is something my fiancée can attest to.

Over the years I’ve been traveling I’ve become a bit of a luggage aficionado. Some might call me a travel snob; I say I’m a travel expert. Knowing what size luggage to use and what to pack becomes an art. The last thing you’ll want is to check a bag for the sake of checking a bag. It’s a waste of money, and worst of all, a waste of time.

Of course, you don’t have to travel as much as me to know what could potentially be better about the luggage you’re using. My fiancée knows that you don’t even have to be the one traveling with it to know what could be better, as I was always complaining about one thing or another once whatever trip I was on was done. These complaints spanned from having to pay for my “oversized” bag to lost luggage to busting my wheels due to poor design. The list goes on.

Recently, I decided to treat myself to some new luggage from SWISSGEAR, which just so happened to be right before an upcoming trip. Here are a few pieces I picked up:

SWISSGEAR Hardside Spinner Luggage
Left: SWISSGEAR 6151 20″, Right: SWISSGEAR 6297 28″

SWISSGEAR 6151 20″ Deluxe Hardside Carry-on Spinner Luggage – Available in grey (shown) & pewter, the SWISSGEAR 6151 is my go-to bag for those short business trips, which happens to make up for at least 80% of my travel. It comes equipped with eight 360 degree spinner wheels, ergonomic molded carry handles, TSA approved combination lock, as well as a fully lined interior with tie-down straps to help keep your clothes wrinkle free.

SWISSGEAR 6297 28″ Hardside Spinner Luggage – Available in pewter, the SWISSGEAR 6297 is a classy looking beast of a bag. Its ABS hardshell assures you ultimate protection from all of the elements, including those pesky airport employees that tend to mishandle your goods. This solid checked baggage comes equipped with four 360 degree multi-directional spinner wheels, a push button locking telescope handle, ergonomically molded handles, and a mesh zip compartment.

SWISSGEAR 6297 28″ Hardside Spinner Luggage

The design of the handle might be my favorite part of the suitcases, apart from the 360 multi-directional wheels. No matter your size, it adjusts comfortably to your height, and makes cruising through the airport, while bobbing and weaving through slow commuters easy and fun.

SWISSGEAR 6297 28″ Hardside Spinner Luggage

SWISSGEAR 6151 20″ Deluxe Hardside Carry-on Spinner Luggage

It’s the little touches that made me excited to own new luggage. Take the Integrated TSA approved combination lock for example. You don’t hear too many stories about people getting robbed of their goods from a handsy airport employee, however it does happen. In fact, I myself have fallen victim to it not once, but twice! The odds are never in your favor if you travel as much as I do, that’s why I love this combination lock feature. It puts my mind at ease knowing my important pieces are protected.

Only two trips in, and I’m already kicking myself for not picking up new luggage sooner. And I’m sure my fiancée is thinking the same thing.

Huge thanks to SWISSGEAR for sponsoring this post and sending me two of my all-time favorite pieces of luggage. I’ve already started creating a travel wishlist for future buys on their site. Currently sitting in my cart is the 5505 Backpack (Black Cod/Camo), the Wassen Belt, and the Brig Front Pocket Wallet. They will be mine soon!