Some of the fondest memories I have are with my Dad. It feels like just yesterday he was teaching me how to throw a football or ride a bike. Unfortunately, as we get older, the time to make new memories get lost with adulthood, and the other boring responsibilities that come with growing up. That’s why for this Father’s Day I wanted to feature a few gifts for Dad from Stanley by way of their Stanley Flask, Stanley Vacuum Bottle, and Stanley Vacuum Mug.

Why these three items? Stanely products are built for life, much like the memorable moments you make with Dad. What better way to bond than with a few products you can take on an adventure with you. The Stanley Flask holds 8 fl oz. of your favorite spirit; Stanley Vacuum Bottle holds 1.4 qt of coffee, tea, or whatever hot beverage you might want while you’re adventuring; and lastly, the Stanley Vacuum Mug that holds 16 fl oz. of your favorite hot beverage.

Best of all, all Stanley products are made from leakproof, rugged stainless steel, assuring you years of superior service for your favorite beverages. The construction of Stanley products not only look good, but they age well too. They will look better and better the more you use them.

All three Stanley items are sold exclusively through Eddie Bauer online. Gift for Dads shouldn’t be hard, so go on an adventure with the man who taught you how to ride a bike.