I know what you’re thinking, it’s Spring, why are you writing about snow goggles? The Winter Olympics finished only weeks ago and there may have been a few things we overlooked in terms of gear and tech. Like the Dragon D1 ($110), a dual lens snow goggle with anti fog and 100% UV protection. Its Dual Lexan Lens is flexible creating a thermal boundary between your eyes and outside temperature. With multiple fit sizes including youth, small, medium and large, you can be sure the Dragon D1 will fit all face sizes.

Eye protection on the mountain vs. summer or a beach environment?

“The biggest difference in eyewear for winter vs. summer sports in my experience is the tint color of the lenses. Winter sports typically will require a variety of colors depending on the ambient light (i.e. bright days vs. “flat lighting” days vs. “high sky” days). When snow is on the ground, the color of the lens can make a huge difference in seeing the terrain and ruts better. Summer is more about brightness control and reflections, where polarized lenses are a benefit.”Dr. William Bogus, VSP winter eye health specialist.