Frank Hurley Photographer’s Jacket: Shackleton x Leica

Shackleton has teamed up with Leica Camera AG to create a jacket engineered for extreme weather photography. The Frank Hurley Photographer’s Jacket features an ergonomic, lightweight construction that allows a photographer complete freedom of movement when shooting. This is extremely important especially when in cold weather. There is nothing worse than having a bulky jacket hindering your shots.

Inside you will find bespoke pockets for batteries and other devices you might need while out in the wild. They remain safe and warm utilizing your core body heat. Shackleton designed the hard-wearing Cordura shell with a high-frequency seam to protect you even against the severest of weather, while the 800-fill European goose down and graphene lining will regulate the interior heat to 77°F. That’s cozy warm!

Frank Hurley Jacket SD Pockets

The limited edition jacket, aka. the Frank Hurley Photograph’s Jacket is named after Sir Ernest Shackleton’s official photographer and cinematographer on the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition 1914-17.

Frank Hurley

Frank Hurley

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