GO PUCK is the Wearable Power Pack You’ve Been Waiting For

With the way we use technology these days, it should come at no surprise the need for external battery packs to keep us juiced. The problem is most of the solutions on the market are either bulky smartphone cases or external battery packs that are just too heavy.

This is why I’m loving GO PUCK. I was recently sent a GO PUCK 5X (also available in 3X), an ultra lightweight charger that fits in the palm of your hand. Each GO PUCK comes with their Active Mount, allowing you to easily attach it to you while on the go, or better, mount to a GoPro (and other cameras) so you can charge while you record.

The 5X in the name – if you haven’t already assumed – allows you to charge small phones (e.g. iPhone 4s) up to five times. There’s two USB outputs: Standard and Rapid Charging at up to 2 amps.

GO PUCK 5x in Aspen

Using my GO PUCK 5x in Aspen, Colorado

I recently took my GO PUCK along with me to Aspen while skiing and I’m glad I did. More often than not, I was using Snapchat (Search: JoesDaily) to document my adventures, which if you have ever used the app know your battery drains fast. With close to 3-4 charges with the GO PUCK I never had a dead phone.

Learn more about GO PUCK visiting them online – GoPuck.com.

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