You know that pesky problem when you’re having a party and all you have to keep your ice in is an ice bucket that isn’t designer? I sure do. It’s totally embarrassing. Luckily, Gucci has felt our pain and added a rose rubber ice bucket to this year’s offerings. Now when you have people over for a cocktail game night or venture out for a fancy-ass picnic you’ll be all set.

Detailing on the bag features a raised “Gucci” with the logo on the front and, on the bottom, “Summer MMXVIII,” “Guccification,” “Sine Amore Nihil,” arranged in an oval with “XXV” in the center.

In the event that you already claim a designer ice bucket as your own, guess what? Technically this $950 little guy is listed as a tote. So, you know, beach day!

Alright. See ya later.