Insta360 has just launched the Insta360 Flow, a revolutionary AI-powered smartphone stabilizer designed to make capturing professional-quality content easier than ever. Packed with features, the Flow combines a selfie stick, tripod, and power bank, making it the ultimate all-in-one content creation tool for on-the-go creators.

Unmatched Stabilization and AI Tracking:

The Flow’s 3-axis gimbal stabilization ensures shake-free shots in any scenario, outperforming the electronic stabilization on most smartphones. This mechanical stabilization is particularly useful in low-light situations or when zooming in.

The Insta360 Flow is also equipped with Deep Track 3.0 AI technology, allowing it to track subjects in real time with remarkable precision. This advanced tracking technology offers Person Re-Identification, All-Angle Tracking, Zoom Tracking, Slow Motion Tracking, and Live Mode for tracking during video calls or live streaming. The Flow even has Tracking Recovery, which helps it continue tracking a subject that has moved out of the frame.

All-in-One Content Creation Tool:

The Flow is designed for maximum portability and versatility, incorporating all essential shooting tools into one device:

  1. Selfie stick: Extends up to 215mm for improved selfies and low-angle shots.
  2. Tripod: Integrated into the handle for hands-free shooting.
  3. Power bank: With a 2900mAh battery, it can charge your smartphone while recording.
  4. Built-in cold shoe: Easily attach a microphone for enhanced audio quality.

The Flow is also user-friendly, with a 1-step rapid deploy system. Simply attach your phone using the magnetic clamp, unfold the gimbal, and start shooting.

Full Creative Control and Unique Modes:

The SmartWheel offers easy access to various shooting controls and modes, including Auto, Follow, Pan Follow, and FPV. Auto mode is perfect for beginners, automatically adjusting gimbal settings based on user movements. More experienced creators can use FPV mode to simulate drone-like movements, such as barrel rolls.

The Insta360 app offers AI-powered shooting and editing tools, like Shot Genie, which recommends shooting techniques based on voice commands. Hoop Mode is a unique feature designed for basketball fans, tracking the ball and hoop to save highlights as individual clips. The Flow also supports various shooting modes, including Panorama, TimeShift, Motion Timelapse, and Dolly Zoom.

With a 12-hour battery life, the Insta360 Flow is perfect for all-day shooting. After a long day, users can rely on the FlashCut feature to edit their video clips seamlessly with music, transitions, and effects.


The Insta360 Flow is now available for purchase on, Amazon (U.S., Europe, and Japan), and select retailers. Upgrade your content creation experience with this innovative, all-in-one tool.