There’s nothing like camping in the great outdoors – moon and stars overhead, s’mores by the campfire, becoming one with nature – but if you’re an avid outdoorsman, you know how necessary it is to change up your gear accordingly dependent on the season.

The folks at Kammock have come up with a solution for one of camping’s necessities – introducing the Thylacine, the last sleeping bag you’ll ever need. Gone are the days of owning “multiple” bags for various seasons, climates and locations. The Thylacine allows the consumer to create the perfect combination of size and temperature rating in a single bag through:

  • Variable Warmth Technology™ – removable baffled insulation system allows you to adjust the temperature rating of the bag for thousands of customized possibilities
  • CustomFit™ adjustments offer the ability to customize the width and length of the bag to eliminate cold spots and maximize comfort
  • DART™ and Atmos™ Fabrics – proprietary textiles, new to the sleeping bag market

For those of you who already own a sleeping bag and may hesitate at purchasing another, Kammok is simultaneously launching the Firebelly™, “the best trail rated quilt ever produced.”  Designed specifically for the ultra-minimalist backpacker, the Firebelly™ places all insulation on the sides and top of you and omits the bottom insulation.

The Firebelly™ is the perfect addition to a sleeping bag owner and outdoor enthusiast, as it can be layered into the sleeping bag for extra warmth. Additionally, the Firebelly™ can be used as a traditional bed quilt when unbuttoned, or you can choose to secure the 5 button snaps and draw cord at the foot area to create a cozy warm foot box.

Want to back this Kickstarter project and grab a Thylacine or Firebelly™ for yourself? Check out their crowd funding page here.