KILLSPENCER Launches Exclusive Line of iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus Veils

To add to the sleek look of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, KILLSPENCER has launched a line of laser cut black leather and wooden veils. Hand-finished in their Los Angeles workshop, each veil comes ready with removable industrial adhesive, packed inside letterpress packaging. The use of genuine wood makes each veil unique and one of kind, with natural variation of grain patterns.

KILLSPENCER Leather and Wooden Veils

KILLSPENCER iPhone 7 Black Leather Veil

Black Leather Veil

KILLSPENCER iPhone 7 Rosewood Veil

Rosewood Veil

KILLSPENCER iPhone 7 Zebrawood Veil

Zebrawood Veil

KILLSPENCER iPhone 7 Midnight Black Veil

Midnight Black Veil

KILLSPENCER iPhone 7 Ebony Wood Veil

Ebony Wood Veil

KILLSPENCER iPhone 7 Walnut Wood Veil

Walnut Wood Veil

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