Kobalt has recently unveiled their 40V Max Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE) ($149-$399) line consisting of 7 tools. The complete line consists of two mowers, a blower, a string trimmer, a hedge trimmer, a chainsaw, and a pole saw. All tools work off the same rechargeable, interchangeable battery platform. Making it easy to keep a charge when having two or more of the tools.

The Kobalt OPE line’s battery is a high-performance 40V Max, lithium-ion battery. It delivers consistent performance until the power is completely depleted. Each tool has a battery indicator right at eye level so you can see when your battery is close to finished.

My favorite part of the line has to be its lack of cords and gas. Everything is touch and go. No gas = no fumes. No cords = no fuss. A good example of the no cord bonus is what I saw at the Daytona 500 this past weekend. Jimmie Johnson, who is a Lowe’s / Kobalt brand ambassador, has his pit team use the Kobalt blower to clean out the pit when it gets messy. To see them use it without any cords tripping them up was awesome.

I feel as though Kobalt’s team hit a home run with the 40V Max Outdoor Power Equipment line. If you do any type of yard work, you’ll appreciate the performance they packed in the product, and love the affordable prices. They stand by their product, giving it a 5-year hassle-free guarantee — only available at Lowe’s.

Testing the Kobalt 40V Max Chainsaw