Overfilling your bag shouldn’t cause it to bust from the seams. Mat, the creator of M-24, knew this issue all too well and decided he would do something about it. He began experimenting with different materials like tarpaulin and old sandbags; testing them to see if they could withstand his normal load. Many prototypes later, he settled on a canvas material he salvaged from old truck drapes.

M-24 takes these discarded truck drapes and recycles them into bespoke bags. Each bag is hand made in Somerset, UK and 100% unique thanks to the large number of different drapes they salvage. M-24 currently produces backpacks, duffles, messengers, iPad sleeves, MacBook sleeves, and washbags.

Get your one-of-a-kind bespoke bag by visiting M-24’s online store.

M-24 Duffle Bag

M-24 Messenger Bag

M-24 Messenger Bag

M-24 MacBook Sleeve