Samsonite has once again revolutionized the way we travel with the introduction of the groundbreaking IBON suitcase. This innovative luggage piece boasts a unique design that challenges traditional travel habits, making it the perfect companion for the modern adventurer. A result of a fruitful collaboration between Samsonite’s R&D and Belgian design agency Achilles, IBON has already won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award (Best of the Best) and the Red Dot Innovative Product Award this year.

Erik Sijmons, the long-time chief designer of Samsonite and creator of the iconic Cosmolite series, believes that “good design should move the customers, improve their lives, and change the world.” With the IBON suitcase, he’s successfully translated his vision of the future of travel into reality.

The standout innovations of the IBON include a central one-point closure system for easy access and swift closing, along with a transversal split that saves space when the suitcase is open. These features facilitate convenient access to your belongings on the go, without compromising on interior capacity. The thoughtful design of the IBON allows it to contain an entire wardrobe without refolding, making unpacking a choice rather than a necessity.

Samsonite IBON suitcase

The IBON’s patented interior compression system ensures secure luggage retention, while the central interior handle offers mobility during packing. This suitcase is designed from the inside out, reflecting the growing trend of valuing the journey as much as the destination. The dual handles on the corners and sides allow for ergonomic handling, and the telescopic handle is integrated into the hinge, staying out of the way during packing.

With the IBON, Samsonite continues to set new trends and introduce innovation to the world of travel. Its unconventional design ensures increased accessibility, making it the ideal companion for car or train travel. Living out of a suitcase has never been easier or more enjoyable, as the IBON encourages new habits and makes frequent overnight stays a breeze.

As Professor Dr. Peter Zec, Founder & CEO of Red Dot, says, “Winning a Red Dot: Best of the Best is well deserved as Samsonite designed a new type of suitcase, focusing on the needs of tomorrow’s consumers. Congratulations!”

Key Features of the IBON Suitcase:

  1. Space-saving transversal split: The IBON’s unique design allows for easy opening without compromising on interior capacity.
  2. Central one-point closure system: Fast and easy access is ensured with the built-in TSA lock featuring a latching mechanism.
  3. Patented interior compression system: Secure luggage retention on both sides of the suitcase, providing additional packing capacity compared to traditional methods.
  4. Central interior carry handle: Offering mobility during packing, the open suitcase can be carried around, even through narrow doorways.
  5. Dual handles on corners and sides: Ergonomic movement is made easy when walking up or down stairs, lifting into a car boot, or opening and closing the suitcase.

The design of the IBON is registered worldwide, with multiple patent rights pending on various technical aspects of its key features. As travel continues to evolve, the IBON suitcase stands as a testament to Samsonite’s commitment to innovation and an exceptional travel experience.