Memobottles ($22+) are easily the most environmentally friendly, convenient option for everyday beverage transportation to date. Though we are all aware of the devastating effects of single-use plastic bottles, we continue to consume them in larger and larger quantities every year. In the US alone we are currently up to 1,500 being used and discarded every second. Sure, at one point or another we’ve all tried to do our part by switching over to those aluminum canteens. Unfortunately, if we’re being honest, the average lifespan of that endeavor was only about 2 weeks at best. Even if you could put up with the awkward bulge it created in your bag (not to mention the bruises left by the carabiner option), your reward was always your original beverage having been tainted by the taste of metal. Fortunately, we will soon be able to put all of these problems behind us.


Memobottles are leak-proof, slim, rectangular bottles, designed to fit easily in any bag with those books, notebooks, and laptops that we all seem to like so much. If you think about it, there isn’t much that we tote around that isn’t either flat or quadratical. We’ve just been fighting math with those round guys. Not to blow your mind even further but, it turns out that the BPA-free, dishwasher-safe plastic Memobottles are made of are about 80% more environmentally friendly than their metal counterparts when raw materials are considered. They are still in their Kickstarter phase, so be sure to donate today to get your bottle by December.

Memobottle Kickstarter Video