Your iPhone‘s camera just got a whole lot cooler. olloclip released a new Macro Pro Lens ($70 USD) that offers three magnification levels: 7x, 14x, and 21x. Each lens is paired with an InstaFocus™ hood that helps you take a crisp, clean macro photo by diffusing light and automatically setting the focus.

“The new Macro Pro Lens gets closer than ever to see all the details in recreational, industrial, scientific, fashion and other photography applications where detailed shots have enormous benefit,” said Patrick O’Neill, founder and CEO of olloclip. “The Macro Pro Lens is a valuable tool for capturing extreme levels of definition with the convenience of having everything there and at the ready on your iPhone.  Shoot, edit and share instantly and easily.”

olloclip has given professional photographers in industries like science and technology the Macro Pro Lens to use it in their respective fields. Optometrists in Nepal have used it in remote parts of the country to analyze and document cataracts; forensic scientists are examining small objects, like bullet holes; and dermatoligists are examining skin and body tissue. In other industries like fashion, designers are able to see imperfections in fabric samples, while industrial designers can see close ups of chips and circuit boards.

Included Macro Pro Lenses:

  • Macro 7x  Increased magnification
  • Macro 14x See beyond the naked eye and photograph down to a thread on a shirt
  • Macro 21x  Nearly 100x magnification when combined with iPhone’s digital zoom.

To order an olloclip Macro Pro Lens for your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, and to see a demo of it in action, visit olloclip’s website.