Four years later, olloclip is returning back to their roots on Kickstarter to crowdfund their latest mobile photography venture, olloclip Studio.

“When we first introduced olloclip to the world on Kickstarter four years ago, the concept of mobile photography was just starting to take shape, and a photographic revolution was born,” said Patrick O’Neil, CEO of olloclip. “Today, our products are available in every Apple Store worldwide, and people are using olloclip lenses to capture everything from a baby’s first steps to broadcasting world events in real time. It’s this same evolution that prompted us to take the next step and share our latest innovation with the same community that helped us successfully launch a completely new category four years ago.”

The olloclip Studio system is more than just a case and an attachable lens, it’s an integrated mounting system with a series of mobile photography accessories. Everything is designed with the user in mind to make snapping photos quick and easy. The case and accessories work seamlessly together so you spend more time on photos and less on your equipment.

All of olloclip’s products are designed in Southern California with an active lifestyle in mind. And how iPhone users were holding their phones became a major factor in developing olloclip Studio.

“When we set out to design the integrated accessories, we went back to the basics and looked at the variety of ways people hold their phones,” said Chong Pak, director of design at olloclip. “From this research, we created the simplest and most intuitive way to grip your phone, enabling you to be more immersed in the capture process than ever before.”

What comes with olloclip Studio:

  • (1) Studio Case – available for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.
  • (1) Finger Grip – a versatile and ingenious two-finger universal grip, which is great for increased stability while taking photos, filming video or broadcasting with apps like Periscope. It enables the photographer to quickly change from portrait to landscape orientation without even thinking about it.
  • (2) 1/4-20 Clips ‑ to attach a tripod, grip or handles. Includes mounts for both landscape and portrait orientation.
  • (2) Cold-Shoe Adapters ‑ to attach lightweight accessories to the iPhone in a snap, like a microphone or light. The shoe was designed to offset the center of gravity of the accessory, so it’s directly in line with the iPhone’s centerline, thus creating a more balanced experience when attaching multiple accessories.
  • (1) Kickstand ‑ a new stand attachment for watching a movie or reading your favorite book or blog.

After just one day on Kickstarter, olloclip Studio has reached half of its funding goal of $100,000. If you would like to learn more about the crowdfunding campaign, visit their Kickstarter page.