What’s worse than not having an ice-cold beverage when you’re out adventuring with your friends? When you have a cooler too heavy to carry around with you.

Pelican created a unique cooler with both portability and functionality in mind. The Dayventure Sling Cooler features a wide top opening for easy access, with an interior compartment that can hold up to four wine bottles, 12 cans, or 8.5 total liters. Thinking of packing some snacks on your outing? No problem; the sling cooler has a convenient side pocket just for that. Additionally, its compression molded base makes it so the bag can stand on its own. And, to help hold in the ice, Pelican finished the sling off with a leak-resistant zipper.

In case you’re still concerned with the weight of the cooler, then you will be happy to know it comes with a padded shoulder strap and a rubberized carry handle. This greatly takes any excess weight off of your shoulders, so you will always be ready for an adventure.