I can’t remember a time when computers weren’t a part of my life. These days I roll over to check my iPhone in the morning to see all the emails I missed, new Twitter followers, and Facebook updates. With the use of my laptop, iPhone, and other digital devices throughout the day, my eyes become fatigued from all the High Energy Visible Light. This is commonly referred to as “blue light”, and it causes eye strain, fatigue, and a whole bunch more.

Phonetic Eyewear ($75 USD) has designed their glasses to battle the evil light while you’re using your digital devices. Their clear lenses will reflect the “blue light”, while their yellow lenses will absorb. Phonetic’s frames are both comfortable and stylish. I have found myself wearing them throughout the day while working without even knowing they’re on. If you’re like me and have to be on your computer and mobile device 24/7, I would highly recommend getting a pair of these wonder glasses from Phonetic Eyewear.

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