I think we all need to come to terms that we were completely and utterly envious of the Star Wars Kid when his video went viral. We’re all Star Wars geeks at heart and have once wished of being a Jedi Master. The one thing he didn’t have was a realistic lightsaber to wield in his video. Take a look at these realistic lightsabers by Etsy owner Phillip Isherwood.

Each saber is CNC machined from high strength aircraft grade aluminum. They’re designed for full contact dueling and come in a variety of colors: red, green, or blue.

Sound isn’t included in every saber, however, for a higher price, you can get the more realistic lightsaber feel with a Novasound NS 3.0 soundboard. It features 20 unique clash and swoosh sound fx we fancy from the Star Wars franchise. My personal favorite is the idle hum you get before attack!

Buy now: $130-500 USD