Roofnest reveals Meadowlark, the brand’s first-ever soft-shell rooftop tent. Weighing just under 90 pounds and priced at $1,595, Meadowlark is the lightest, most accessible Roofnest tent yet. Meadowlark is designed for customers who want a compact, lightweight, and easy-to-store rooftop tent, so they don’t have to dedicate their car’s entire roof to a rooftop tent year-round.

“Since its founding six years ago, Roofnest has always been a hard-shell rooftop tent brand. Introducing our first-ever soft-shell tent takes the brand in an exciting new direction. Our customers — especially those living in urban areas — asked for a lighter, more easily storable tent. Meadowlark offers the comfortable, quick-deploying benefits of a traditional Roofnest in a lightweight, accessible package and price point. We are excited to extend Roofnest quality and know-how to the soft-shell rooftop tent segment.”

– Roofnest CEO Bob Africa

Unlike traditional soft-shell rooftop tents, which often include cumbersome poles and guy lines, Meadowlark sets up in seconds. Remove the cover, use the telescoping ladder to fold the tent out, flip up the integrated interior U-bar, and camp is set. For additional sunlight and airflow, the standard rainfly can be quickly unhooked, too, which enhances the panoramic views through Meadowlark’s four windows.

The Meadowlark’s footprint is so compact that, on wider vehicles, it leaves room to carry a bike on the same crossbars. Meadowlark measures 47” long, 44” wide, and 12” tall when closed — 13 inches narrower than the next most compact Roofnest tent, Condor. Meadowlark opens up to 80” long, 43” wide, and 46” tall, offering enough room for two adults. Meadowlark features a 2.5-inch-thick double-density mattress, like a pillow top over a box spring, which provides a sturdy yet supple sleeping surface.

Not only is Meadowlark easy to deploy, it’s also incredibly easy to store. Meadowlark’s lightweight yet robust design enables owners to store the tent on any of its sides. For example, Meadowlark can be kept in a storage closet or even on a balcony. This makes it an ideal rooftop tent for campers who live in cities and don’t have access to a garage. And because of its compact size and relative light weight, Meadowlark’s ships faster and is delivered more easily through parcel carriers.

“We were able to achieve Meadowlark’s enviable 90-pound overall weight without jeopardizing quality or ease-of-use through the use of materials like high-tensile-strength, lightweight aluminum. More than making it easier to install and store, the limited weight is also a benefit for electric vehicles as well as cars with lower-capacity roof rack crossbars.”

– Turner Sessions, Roofnest Product Development Lead at Roofnest

Meadowlark is available on pre-sale now for $1,395 — $200 below its $1,595 retail price. Even at $1,595, Meadowlark is less than half the price of the next Roofnest tent, Sparrow EYE, and more than $200 less expensive than other comparable soft-shell rooftop tents. Meadowlark is expected to ship in October.