Grind Wireless is Skullcandy’s Newest Wireless Headphones

I didn’t know I needed a set of wireless headphones until Skullcandy’s new Grind Wireless ($90 USD) headphones fell on my lap. Being free to move around my office with comfortable plush on-ear pillows and Supreme Sound audio, sans the annoying wires, is an absolute game changer. I’ve even found myself taking them with me on my coffee breaks when I go outside to stretch my legs.

Grind Wireless stays connected up to thirty-three feet away from your Bluetooth device, and features an astounding 12 hours of long-lasting battery life. And whether you are using your headphones for work or play, the built-in microphone and track, call and volume controls will keep you connected and in command.

If that’s not enough to sell you on Grind Wireless, Skullcandy is even throwing in 60-days of Google Play Music with your Skullcandy purchase.

Learn more about the Grind Wireless headphones here.

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