If you’ve been looking to find a way to get a little more water time in during those camping/fishing trips, the Shoal Tent is exactly what you need. Honestly, I have zero idea about why this hasn’t been a thing before now, but I guess that’s beside the point. It’s here now to make our lives that much better, and that’s what’s important.

The Shoal Tent is exactly what it looks like—a tent attached to an inflatable raft so you can catch your z’s out on the water. The raft and tent structure are composed of three air chambers, two in the bottom and one for the top. If it’s already occurred to you that this thing is also a giant floating air mattress, yes, they’ve thought of that too. The floor is 8’x8’, drop-stitched, high pressure, and 6” thick, so you’ve got one less thing to pack/weigh you down. As for the tent fabric and enclosures, they are the heavy-duty, waterproof situation you would expect.

The Shoal Tent by SmithFly can be preordered now for $1,499. Shipping is set to start this upcoming December or January.