Fans of The Office (US Version) will appreciate a good Stanley Hudson meme. In Season 1; Episode 5, titled “Basketball,” it’s the office workers versus the warehouse workers. Or as Dwight Schrute likes to call them, “The Others.” In all of his wisdom, Michael Scott puts together a team he believes will dominate the downstairs. Unfortunately, he mistakes Stanley Hudson to be his “Secret Weapon.” We all know how that turned out.

The folks at ‘How Did We Get Here’ shop has illustrated Stanley’s famous dribbling and put it on a t-shirt, coffee mug, face mask, and iPhone case. Check out The Office collection and see what all the fuss is about.

A quick breakdown of the products in their shop by product:

Stanley Dribbling Episode

Whether you’re a fan of The Office or not, you have to see this clip from this particular episode. I’ve shamefully watched The Office in its entirety no less than 10 times all the way through, so naturally, I’m a big fan.