Statgear Pocket Samurai Titanium Knives

Maybe you can’t afford a real samurai sword, or perhaps you’re just obsessed with Japanese culture–whatever the case, you’ll love these Pocket Samurai Titanium Knives from Statgear.

Here are the baseline specs. These Samurai inspired pocked knives come in either black or gray, and are a mere 2.66″ when closed, and 4.73″ when open. The handle is made from Grade 5 titanium, while the blade is a 440C stainless steel blade. Additional features include a thumb stud deployment, liner lock, a keyring loop, and a stainless steel pocket clip.

These pocket Samurai knives won’t help you take down an evil empire, unless of course that empire is a massive collection of packages you’ve put off unboxing. In that case, these babies will do just fine.

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