Storelli - Performance Soccer Gear

Growing up in the United States – specifically in NH and not a major city – I was led to believe that there really wasn’t any other major sport outside of Football, Baseball, and Basketball. As I got older and discovered soccer, I quickly learned that it was not only the world’s sport in that there are over 250 million active players (according to FIFA), but its athletes were more prone to injuries than other contact sports like hockey or lacrosse. Soccer boasts one of the highest injury rates, yet they lack the equipment to protect their players.

Storelli is pioneering protection for soccer players by being the first brand to dedicate protective equipment for the sport. They are joining forces with superstar soccer athletes to launch new gear that will revolutionize the way they play and remain protected. For example: 56% of injuries in soccer are skin abrasion related. Storelli’s BodyShield Field Player Sliders, the BodyShield Women’s Sliders and the BodyShield Leg Sleeves were made for that very specific injury, protection on all-kinds of surfaces: artificial turf, grass fields, etc.

Storelli BodyGuard Field Player Sliders

I took a few of the aforementioned Storelli products for a test out on the field. Being in an intramural league, we don’t exactly play too rough, but even so, I’ve had my fair share of injuries. What’s nice about the Storelli products is the boost of confidence you get when you’re wearing them knowing you are better protected. I felt like played harder than I normally do.

Storelli Presents: The Dark Side of the Beautiful Game

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