Back in 2010, while on a sailing trip in the Mediterranean with his brother and father, 18-year-old Simon Sivertsen had a thought common to those of us who enjoy being under water: if it were possible to go just a little faster, wouldn’t it be almost exactly like flying? Wheels in his head turning, Simon proceeded to attach a piece of driftwood to a water-ski rope, thus creating the very first prototype for the SUBWING. Such a simple, yet brilliant idea, the rest of us are kicking ourselves for not thinking of it first. By 2012 a much more legit version was ready for sale.

SUBWING is composed of two wings attached at the center with a rotating joint. It is to be towed behind a boat going about 2.5-4.5mph with a recommended 50ft of rope.


Whether you’re looking for a gentle cruise below the surface, or to execute the underwater acrobatics of a dolphin, this product will make it happen. It is currently available in three different styles: carbon fiber for about $900, fiberglass for about $500, or a honeycombed polymer for about $300.

Sarah Militello-Wilson is a Los Angeles-based lifestyle blogger. Originally from the outskirts of the outskirts of a small town in Illinois, her love and endless curiosity for all things science, nature, and wayfaring have been with her throughout her life. She takes her coffee with milk and flowers :)

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