iPhone 6s Cases With Impact Protection

When you think of tough, what do you think of? I myself think of things that can fall down, survive, and get back up again, especially when it comes to protecting my smartphone. Recently, I received my new iPhone 6s Plus and have been wanting to protect it ever since I took it out of its box. This is where Tech21 comes in.

Evo Elite iPhone 6s Plus Case

Evo Elite iPhone 6s Plus Case

The Tech21 Evo Elite case for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus is smartphone protection re-imagined. It uses FlexShock™, the world’s most advanced impact protection material enabling Tech21 to offer quality protection from drops of 6.6 ft. Because of this revolutionary material the Evo Elite boasts a body 30% thinner and 60% lighter than other case offerings. I was pleasantly surprised at the weight of the phone after the case was applied. Typically the case feels as though it adds pounds, the Evo Elite felt like it added nothing.

Not only is it made out of tough materials that will assure you the protection you need, it also features precise color matching to compliment the iPhone’s iconic aluminum body.

Evo Elite iPhone 6s Plus Case

Available in silver, gold (my color of choice) and space grey, Evo Elite’s colors seamlessly match the colors Apple created for their iPhone 6 lineup. Tech21 used a unique material finish on the Evo Elite to make sure the metallic finish is durable and scratch resistant.

Evo Elite iPhone 6s Plus Case


Like the rest of Tech21’s products, this case features advanced impact protection that is put through meticulous tests to make sure it will work perfectly with your phone. Something I will truly put to the test on my next adventure out of the country. I foresee many drops in my future.

A key point to mention, one that is make or break for me, is whether or not the case will hinder my connection to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. I’m obsessed with using my Apple Watch and it has to be connected to my phone via Bluetooth. Also, I run my entire business online so I need to be sure my Wi-Fi is always working to its full potential. Luckily the folks at Tech21 took that in major consideration and made sure the Evo Elite’s design and materials won’t affect your connections.

The Evo Elite from Tech21 is available for iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 6/6s Plus users. To learn more, visit Tech21.com.

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