One thing I look for when I’m shopping for something in fashion is whether or not it’s functional as well. If it is, I know it’s worth investing in, as it serves more of a purpose than just something that looks good on me.

Take the Morpheus ‘Fire’ ($1,550 USD), the world’s first luxury pendant knife, made by William Henry. It can be worn as a necklace, or tucked away safely in your pocket. Although this might be something you want around your neck.

This beautiful piece of jewelry is inlaid with 10,000 year old fossil mammoth tooth, and features a hidden blade from ‘Boomerang’ damascus steel, forged by Chad Nichols from hundreds of layers of different steel alloys. He was able to create a flowing water and wave effect using a folding technique. It’s absolutely stunning.

Close-up Morpheus 'Fire' Pendant Knife

A small, yet bold feature is the handsome diamond that conceals William Henry’s button lock, keeping the pendant knife securely locked when open or closed.

Like the rest of the Morpheus collection (check out ‘Reef‘), each pendant comes around a tactical cord with a sterling clasp. A quick release clasp – made from sterling as well – makes it easy to take the knife off of the cord for use, or transfer it over to a keychain or whatever your heart desires.

William Henry Sterling Clasp

The Morpheus ‘Fire’ really fits my demand for fashion and function. To learn more about the Morpheus collection, visit William Henry’s online store.