The Paqsule Bag Cleans Itself and Whatever You Put Inside of It

I almost don’t know how to handle how many different scenarios the new Paqsule bag would be absolutely perfect for. You know when you go to the gym and have to go to work or run errands immediately after, leaving your shoes and clothes to get all weird and musty? Or how about when you’re on an airplane and literally everyone around you is coughing, prompting you to remember all those lovely viruses and bacteria you recently learned travel on planes with you? Well, if this was the bag that you happened to bring along with you, you wouldn’t have to worry about a thing, because the Paqsule cleans anything you put inside it.

The bag works by using the PaqTech™ system, which utilizes O3 (Activated Oxygen) and UV-C technology to sanitize and deodorize without having to use any chemicals. The cleaning cycles can be set to last for 15, 25, and 35 minutes at a time and can be activated via a button on the bag, or the Paqsule App. As for replacement and maintenance, that’s not really a thing. The cleaning device charges via a simple Micro USB input and will last for up to 72 hours of run time. Its lifespan is set to be for over 17,000 uses. So even if you were to clean your stored items once a day, it would still last you over 46 years.

The Paqsule Cleaning Process

As awesome as the PaqTech™ system is, the Paqsule would honestly be a well-designed bag without it. It has quite a few pockets and compartments for all of your things, including specialty areas for items like laptops, smartphones, shoes, toiletries, and transit cards. The fabric it’s composed of (as well as the zippers) is highly water resistant. The hardware is all aluminum, the stitching and walls are reinforced, the interior is lined, and you can charge your phone via USB—like I said, a well-designed bag even without the cleaning feature.

The Paqsule launched on Kickstarter on March 14th and met its $25K goal a day later. The bag is projected to retail for $350 when it’s released, so if you were looking to score your own for less ($229), be sure to head over to their page and make a donation ASAP!

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