The V4 Adventure Travel Pack from Black Ember is the perfect bag for the traveling photographer or videographer, regardless of where they may be off to. It’s just the right size for airplane carry-on, so you don’t have to worry about anything happening to your precious cargo while in transit, and features quick-access laptop sleeve so you don’t waste any time rolling through security. For those looking at more of a hike versus a flight, it also boasts 3D shoulder straps and other features to help you comfortably carry your gear all day. Most noteworthy about the V4 though, is definitely its modular DSLR compression cubes that quickly attach/detach to the pack magnetically. On their own, these can actually be carried as separate shoulder bags—ideal for those lighter days when you really don’t want or need to lug around absolutely everything you brought with you. Check out the video to see how they work.

V4 Adventure Travel Pack from Black Ember

The V4 Adventure Travel Pack launches this month. You can join Black Ember’s community to get notified when they do.