Growing up, I was always a huge fan of the outdoors. Anytime I had the chance to play in the woods, or go on a camping trip, you could bet I’d be there. As far as wildlife was concerned, being in Illinois was really nice. With the exception of extremely dry years that had the potential to bring in wolves or mountain lions, you rarely saw anything more formidable than a fox. Unfortunately, since moving to the west coast a few years back, I’ve kind of let my fear of a bear encounter keep me out of the forest. Sure, there are tons of sprays and noisemakers out there to help you, but I just couldn’t get past how close you already have to be for them to be usable. That said, when I found this 35’ range Frontiersman spray by SABRE, things immediately started looking hopeful. This canister size is made to deliver 1.84oz/second in a heavy fog delivery, emptying in just 5 seconds.

Frontiersman Bear Spray Range

The Frontiersman Bear Spray is made to deliver a 1.84oz burst of heavy fog that empties in just 5 seconds. At 2% capsaicin (and related capsaicinoids), the spray is the maximum strength formula that the EPA allows. These two factors working together are intended to eliminate the 30% failure rate* that other brands have. And, should you find yourself woken in the middle of the night with a bear sniffing around your tent, the “SAFETY” on the can glows in the dark, so you don’t have to worry about scrambling around to find it. Of course, as adequately equipped as you would probably feel with the Frontiersman Bear Spray in your arsenal, the people over at SABRE understand that being in a situation where you NEED to use the spray isn’t really ideal. Bearing this in mind (pun intended), they also offer a bear horn that can be heard up to ½ a mile away. So you hopefully never get the chance to utilize the spray at all—which makes it my favorite kind of spray…unused.

The Frontiersman Bear Spray comes with a 7.9oz practice spray, so you can build up your muscle memory and confidence before an event where the real thing would be necessary. SABRE also offers a full line of other bear safety products such as holsters, bells, and food storage containers. You can check them all out at

*Study find by the University of Utah